Stretch Hood Tube

Effective solutions with high strength and support for palletizing and packaging without the use of heat.


Palletization was never so safe. Protect your goods and products from external agents and impacts.

These are biopolymers covers made of new generation materials, this means that they are combined with special raw materials that provide solutions never seen before. All this to offer the best product and the best quality to our customers.

For convenience, this extendable tube adapts to the different sizes of pallets and its formulation is different depending on the type of existing machine in which this product is developed.

On the other hand its versatility extends to its various attributes: different colors, high brightness and maximum transparency.


  • Resistant to external agents
  • Available in several thicknesses, widths and colors
  • High brightness and maximum transparency
  • Excellent elasticity and resistance
  • Made with new generation raw materials

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