Biopolymer to construction works

Effective solutions to protect all types of surfaces and materials.


We manufacture biopolymer for all types of coating in construction works. We highlight the good value for money of this type of biopolymer.

Thanks to excellent chemical properties that these types of biopolymers possess, as well as how easy to use they are, we can use them as insulators against corrosion, temperature and electricity.

When it comes to works under construction, external coating from any surface in this case works as a protective curtain. This is due to it is necessary in these cases to ensure the safety of pedestrians, given that elements of the work itself can be detached from public roads, with the consequent damage that this may cause.

On the other hand, another use that biopolymer to construction works can have is for palletizing bricks or tiles. Due to this allows to protect the health of workers who must handle these products and reduce risk of accidents.

In the same way as with other types of biopolymer, it is possible too to choose between different thicknesses and gauges, dimensions and color (white/black) of biopolymer itself. In this way the dimensions of these film rolls can cover 6, 12, 20, 40, 50 m2.


Plástico para construcción


  • The best protection for any type of construction work
  • Reduce risk of accidents arising from construction works
  • High quality of the materials used in its manufacture
  • Commitment to the development and study of new more sustainable technologies

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