Hoods and Bags

The most efficient option to protect your products from external forces.


An effective option tailored to our customers.

We like that everything we manufacture comes to our customer's hands with maximum guarantees. One of the factors that guarantee that this is possible is the use of high quality raw materials in our manufacturing process. Therefore, our hoods and bags are no exception. They are manufactured with all the guarantees that will facilitate their optimal use.

If there is something that we can highlight from hoods and bags that leave our factory, it is the diversity of models, dimensions and resistances that we can offer, as well as the possibility of choosing between several colors or on the contrary in its characteristic transparent tone.

On the other hand, there is also the possibility to customize the bags and hoods by printing them. Put your logo on your bags and give them that corporate touch that we like so much.

As for the presentation of these products, they are usually delivered individually or in pre-cut coils. All this based on the needs and demands of our client.

To sum up, we have to say that also you can choose between having mono &/ or bi-oriented hoods, and with shrink wrapping property.


  • Possibility of customization (printing)
  • Available in various colors
  • Various models, dimensions and resistances.
  • Excellent elasticity and resistance
  • Made with new generation raw materials

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