Retractable, industrial and/or for automatic packaging

We offer various types of film for all types of food.


Solutions for crop protection

It's your choice, microperforated, macroperforated, white/black, black/silver ... We have the option that best suits your needs.


High strength biopolymers.

It acts as a vapor barrier in the manufacture of concrete screeds. The biopolymers you need for wall covering and building materials.

Biopolímeros Maya

It is a family business founded in 2006, which has 15,000 m2 of facilities. We are specialized in the manufacture of biopolymers packaging at industrial and agricultural level, always starting from raw materials of the highest quality.

Currently our production capacity is 18,000 tons per year, this is the reason why we are constantly evolving and developing, which has allowed us to incorporate in recent years the most advanced technology in multilayer coextrusion.

We are certified by the UNE EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard, which allows us to adapt to the market's evolution. We are aware of the latest developments in relation to current regulations and international standards.

This philosophy beside our firm respect to quality and service followed by the trust of our customers, it's what allowed us growing every time and becoming a reference company in Spain and the rest of Europe.

Our Products

Shrink Film
Highly indicated for protection and prolongation of life's product. High brightness and transparency.
We have the best raw materials for your crops protection.
Automatic Packaging Film
Developed for packaging your products.
Construction Biopolymers
Used for construction sector, it is a high strength biopolymers that works as a vapor barrier.
Stretch film
Quality solutions for conditioning and preparation of merchandise shipments. Protect your products for greater transport safety.
Sheets to Cover Pallets
The best presentation of merchandise in pallets, in addition to conferring protection and isolation against external agents to your products.
Tons of product
m2 Installations

Committed to the Circular Economy

Our commitment to the environment is strong. Therefore we stand for circular economy, a system based on leveraging resources to reduce, reuse and recycle the elements resulting from the production process. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are 3 fundamental premises of this system.

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