Industrial Film

The perfect protection for all types of products. For safer transportation.


The most effective option tailored to our customers.

This type of film can be applied to several sectors and is designed to meet different needs of our customers.

We must comment on the most outstanding uses that we can give to our industrial film because they stand out for their good applications and optimal properties due to good raw materials that we use in our production process.

In first place, industrial film applied to automotive industry allows to offer a type of film with different melting points for additivation in the formulation of tires, bags for seat protection, body protection film, among others.

On the other hand, in construction sector we can use this type of film given its properties such as:

  • Great load stability
  • Compression of materials that tend to expand
  • High UV protection for outdoor storage
  • Customization and identification option thanks to printing the company's brand.

Regarding the durable goods and equipment sector, our film confers protection to product against all types of external forces, as well as stability in transport for those products of greater volume.

They also have this type of materials with option to customize by printing logos that facilitate a faster location in the warehouse.

Regarding the rest of sectors, we adapt and try to provide solutions to all kinds of needs that arise, whether for small or large volume packaging.


  • Provide stability in transport of large volume products.
  • Protection against external forces
  • Great UV protection for outdoor storage
  • Compression of materials with a tendency to expand
  • High load stability

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